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    I have done a lot since I last posted. After beating Roark, I went to Floarama and beat Team Galactic. During this, Chimchar evolved! Then, I went north through Eterna Forest. After trouncing Gardenia with D.K., I beat Team Galactic. Realizing I probably wouldn't be using Chinchou through the entire game, I picked up not 1 but 2 new Pokemon! First was my usual Gligar, Batman. Next, I headed into Wayward Cave and got a Gible. After seeing that it was a shark, I named it Jaws. Next, I went to Hearthome and beat Fantina with Batman's newly learned Faint Attack. I headed east of Hearthome and came across a Duskull in the Lost Tower. It was around here that Jaws evolved to a Gabite. I caught it, named it Poirot, and BAM! New Pokemon! I had to use the exp. share to train him until he learned Shadow Sneak, because Astonish sucks. Next, I got to Veilstone, went south, and trained my Pokemon before challenging the gym. Here, I found a Razor Fang and used it to evolve Batman. I challenged Maylene and won on my first try using Poirot. I headed through the lakefront and eventually reached Pastoria. I headed west and caught a Croagunk. After naming it Croak, I added it to my party.


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