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Favorite Generation 1 Electricity type? Let's see here...this is hard to sort out.

Back during the Generation 1 days, I was very fond of Raichu, for sure was my very favorite during that time, prior to Generation 3 that is. (When I met Latias and came across Espeon, Raichu kinda faded for me!). No doubt that Raichu is still the cutest and probably the one Pokemon I would love to have as a pet, top 5-ish to this day.

But to choose my favorite or my most likeable NOW? There are so many Electricity type after Generation 1 I've foresee that I haven't really focused on them much, with the exception of Magnezone (Magnemite/ton's family). I would have to say Zapdos I guess, excluding the Legendary status. The ability to avoid Ground type attacks is amazing as an Electric type. As a mono-Electric alone, it's a tie between Raichu and Jolteon for certain. I should mention, I think Jolteon is a Charizard of Electric types from Generation 1!