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Originally Posted by ShinySearcher01 View Post
Also, there's one thing I somehow missed about what makes Generation II appealing to me. Not sure how I missed this, but.. Shiny Pokemon. Frankly, I'm obsessed with them. I could turn this thread into a second Shiny Hunters club with this post, but then the owner of the first one would kill me. So yeah. Also, just a quick note saying you guys can start topics any time, without needing my permission.
Just ask how many Shiny Pokemon we were able to catch during Generation II, aka Gold/Silver/Crystal, alone. And go from there

As for that, sadly I only caught one and it was in Generation III. But may I ask, how did the Shiny Pokemon first get noticed by the people? Did the creators give out the news or did it actually took the very first person to catch one and tell everyone about it? I wonder...if the Shiny Pokemon had an awesome appearance for Pokemon Stadium 2. I can't imagine it having a green Mewtwo or a green Espeon/blue moon Umbreon in that game at all. xD