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Clannad forever!!
Clannad has become and will always be my most favourite anime of all time! It'll never change!
I love Clannad so much! It's such a good anime, and I've been obsessed with it many times over. The art is simply amazing, the music is so nice, and the story is top-notch for me.

  • I'm extremely picky about art when it comes to anime and games. Clannad is perfect for my tastes of art.
  • As for music, I fell in love with the music. I have all the soundtracks on my 3DS.
  • The story was so touching! It's a real tearjerker, and it's so sad, yet so happy! The story's just so great!
I could keep going on about Clannad, but it'd take my more than 10 minutes, and this post would be filled...

Anyway, I've watched Clannad twice in subbed, once in dubbed, and I've also 100% finished the Visual Novel. I've even watched the motion picture for it. I love them all!

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Clannad is such a good anime!

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