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Originally Posted by PokeGirlBel View Post
Just found the controls for battle hard. The story was pretty interesting though.
I thought the battle system was pretty flawed ;_; I think I've complained about it here before though.

I just watched the KH:3D Trailer and I still have a hard time liking the series ><. Maybe it's because the trailer didn't really have a path? It felt like an amalgamation of lots of different bits so they could say cliché things about hearts and friends and stuff, idk.

Also, the combination of three different graphics types is horrible. Disney/Western Cartoons, then the more JRPG style original characters, then the more realistic Tron characters... they just don't go together and I think that would drive me up the wall :L.

Were there any FF characters in that 10 minutes orrrrrrrr...? o.O