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    Okay guys after my 6 month drought with shiny ratatta being my last one İ decided to restart my heartgold. Ofcourse if you restart hgss you can not stop yourself from SR ing for a shiny starter am i right?NO?Nobody?oh okay

    Anyway after a week of SR'ing i gave up but 2 days ago i said to myself
    '' Yo dickhead . Get yo black ass of da couch and start SR ing'' ( P.S: İ am white but my conscience isn't)

    After approxamatly 14 hours and 17 minutes of SR'ing i got my self a Russian chikorita called Vladimir. İ Nicknamed him cuz im gonna do a Nuzlocke run and i've already started writing the story and stuff.

    Anyway last night i started EV training Vlad in dark cave and after about 83 geokills he evolved. Hopefully while grinding ill get a second shiny fingers crossed

    Umm i would like to post a link to the site where i posted my run story. Would i get banned. Or can i post up admin ?
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