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Title of story: Derivatives

Fandom: Pokémon

Plot summary: "To go on a Pokémon adventure." The dream of every child, and at one point even mine. I trekked this path though, and I assure you nothing but horrors ensue. A psychotic father hellbent on leaving a legacy for the ages, a man forming a disorted utopia, an insane league who spend their time abducting children, and one deranged pixxie who takes everything to hell.

Genre: Original Trainer, Adventure, Mystery

Rating: M for Mature. The story will contain swearing and adult themes, for a more realistic world. There will be no lemons.

Type of mentor needed: Comprehensive

Writing sample of story: "The second step turned everything to black. The sound of the rocks crashing subsided, leaving only a desolate silence in the air, and the frantic beating of my heart. I stood there motionless, the only movement in the cave was the dust tickling my skin. I waited for what seemed to be an eternity for the dust to settle before making my next move."

Other: This is my second fanfic. The first one was abandoned after chapter 1.