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Title of Story: Uniting the Five

Fandom: Pokemon

Plot summary: A post-apocalyptic fanfic revolving around one girls rather reluctant journey to put things back together. Based off of most of the Nuzlocke rules with a couple of ones I have thrown in for the story.

Genre: Adventure

Rating (PG, R, etc): T

Type of mentor needed:Comprehensive

Writing sample of story:
We were children, just children, when we saw our world turned upside down.

Ethan and I were just five when the dissolving peace between the five regions disappeared like it had never existed with the death of President Helton. He was the last stronghold of peace between the regions. The Teams who ran most of the regions behind the scenes dissolved into a full out war against each other to try to gain more control.

The Elite tried, they did, but eventually they disappeared into hiding. They may be strong but they only stood so much against an army. No one has heard from them in almost seventeen years now. Most think they are dead, but I think otherwise. With the regions so scattered as they are it may be just as dangerous to return to the real world as it was when the war started.

The war lasted three years, three long years. What happened in the mean time changed the world forever. Some cities and towns disappeared overnight. The major thoroughfares were altered and changed from the bombings. Nothing would ever be the same again.

Three years after it started, supplies and troops running low what remained of the leadership finally called for a ceasefire. The fighting ended just as quickly as it seemed to have started to Ethan and mine's young eyes.

The fighting wasn't without a price even to the small town of New Bark Town. While we had usually been ignored for larger cities such as Goldenrod and Olivine it didn't mean we had the occasional attack.

With the fighting over the regions had isolated each other in order to heal. However the distrust now ever larger than ever, no one, not ever Kanto and Johto had tried to make contact again. Eventually over time even the cities themselves had become isolated from each other. The war having caused such distrust that many felt it was best to keep to themselves. And since there was central government to unite us there was nothing to stop us from becoming isolated. When the teams had withdrawn to try to heal themselves after the war they themselves had caused so had the last of the central government that had kept Johto together. So most cities turned to their own citizens for a way to create order and leadership.

New Bark Town was no exception to the rule, while we had a town council of sorts we also had a person designated as our spokesperson/leader. Professor Elm filled this role. Our biggest contact was with Cherrygrove a city just a few miles down the road from us with a bit more limited contact with Violet City a bit further off.

It had been 14 years since the war had ended. People moved on, children grew, and cities began to get back on their feet. But the weariness that had existed since before even the war had begun kept the region from reuniting under a central government again. From what little we had heard about Kanto it was supposedly in the same sort of disrepair. The remaining three regions had lost contact with us since the end of the war.

It would take a big force for the cities to start talking again, it would take an even larger one for them to reunite like they once were.

Other: Writing is going to take time due to the fact I am playing under a rule that all tasks must be accomplished by 6:30 pm.

Also would love for someone willing to beta in the LONG run or be willing to beta a second fanfic. This is a prequel to another project (non-Nuzlocke) that has been in the works for years now.

Oh and story timeline may not always line up perfectly with the game. Meaning some events may take place out of order due to how my brain comes up with it. I only seen this happening once so far but then again I've only outlined up to the edge of the Illex Forest so far and were talking a grand story that's going to overarc over five regions so anything is up for grabs except for some major events.

Been writing fanfics on and off since I was in grade school. My current style of writing only really began to develop when I was in my first couple years of college (so about five years back now). It should be noted that I've never been really great at summaries so if you want a better idea of this story PM me and I can message you the first two chapters.

Also expect to maybe edit two or three times I have the tendency to go back and edit things multiple times before I'm happy.
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