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    Haha, oh wow. Aaryn came back, how cool is that?

    Welcome back. May you be as blessed in the new games as you have in the old ones, lol

    Who, me?

    I've been unsuccessful with every hunt after that random Tentacool. I got a terrible rash back in May and hatched 750 Charmander eggs, then said screw it.

    I'm more excited now that I'm playing White 2 though, and plan to try and complete the National Dex.
    I've already beat the Champion and have caught 165 Unova Dex Pokemon.

    I haven't come across a single shiny yet though, which is a little disheartening because it was the furthest thing from my mind while playing. I encountered so many wild Pokemon, too.

    Either way, this will still have to take a backseat to life in the end, because I have to do life stuff and continue trying to become a decent artist.

    I did nab a foreign Ditto from the GTS though, and now that I have access to the Day Care, I'm going to breed some of the rarer Pokemon with it and use the babies as GTS bait, and to get some of the Pokemon I don't have like Rufflet.

    If anything pops out, I'll pop in.

    Good luck everyone!
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