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Second Map of the Quarter - 2012


So, here we are again with Map of the Quarter! I'm a few days late in posting this, so apologies to everyone! Here is the second instalment of the competition if you will, and as we all know it's pretty simple at this stage- try to make a great map fitting a certain theme! Just scroll down to see what this quarter's theme is!

The submission window will remain open for 21 days (so until December 27th!), at which point this thread will be closed and three maps will be chosen by DrFuji and myself. These maps will be posted in a judging thread where there will be a poll to vote for your favourite map.

The winner will receive an emblem. To be 100% honest, though, they haven't been made yet, so sit tight, and we'll get to you! ;)

This Quarter's Theme:

Create a map of a cave.

  • You may only submit one map per competition.
  • When submitting a map, please do so in spoiler tags, or in the form of a link. This is to prevent the possibility of unintended screen stretching due to particularly large maps.
  • Give credits to the makers of any tiles or tools used.
  • No complaining if your map wasn't chosen as one of the final few.
  • This thread is for map submissions and contest related questions only - Any posts not containing either will be deleted.

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