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Reading through this thread and most people mentioning that they were skimped out on certain historical events, I do want to add that history grows. We add more history as each day passes, and with that comes more things to go in history books. I imagine history to be the hardest to teach, because history is never going to end. I'm sure when our parents were in school, their lessons were more detailed than ours, because in our lifetime, we've had what they lived through added to our history books.

That in mind, it always bugged me when my step dad would get on to me for bad grades in history and be like, "it's just memorization it's not hard" and I'm like, "uhhhh do you know what all has been added since you were in school? excuse you."

So I kind of feel sorry for future generations, because like I said, more stuff is happening and the history curriculum grows and the details for different periods is going to diminish. Really sucks, you know, cause history is a cool subject. :(

This is just my observation anyway! Didn't mean to get too sidetracked with the education route, haha.
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