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I have played and completed every AC game so far...except from 3. AC3 looks like a really good game, and it is part of the bundle I am getting for Christmas. From what I've seen, it looks very different from the other AC installments and I don't think I'll enjoy it as much because it is more, dare I say 'futuristic', than the other games. This is going to be interesting because from what I've heard it is a love/hate game which hopefully I will turn out to love along with the other ACs sitting happily untouched for the last couple of weeks on my shelf.

Brotherhood was the best for me, it showed what AC really could offer and put AC out there, not that it wasn't already a big game, however this made it even bigger. So many improved aspects since the previous games, as expected, and I like seeing them improve the assassination technique every game. Multiplayer as well, was extremely enjoyable, I could sit on my Xbox playing this from breakfast to lunch. Brotherhood raised a bar...lets hope that AC3 reaches/exceeds it for me.

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