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Here's the awesome stuff I got on my Christmas morn:

- Bond 22-movie set (with a place holder for Skyfall, too)
- Ghostbusters 1&2
- "Mercernary" by Bolt Thrower
- 32-inch Samsung HD TV
- Kitchen pot and pan set
- Assassin's Creed III
- Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
- Guitar Hero Picture
- Canon PowerShot SX50 HS Camera (this thing can take HD clarity pictures of things miles away, it rules, check it out:
- Electric kettle (I drink lots of tea)
- Poison oak rashes (courtesy of that damn urushiol that didn't get off one of my blankets)
- Tea spilt on my Asus laptop and possibly frying the motherboard (good-bye Skyrim...)

And $40 which went towards the following metal albums:

"The More Things Change..." - Machine Head
"Celestial Lineage" - Wolves in the Throne Room
"Divine Intervention" - Slayer
"Eternal Turn of the Wheel" - Drudkh
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