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    Originally Posted by Heracles4 View Post
    On the contrary, B/W and their sequels are so frickin slow. It takes forever to walk, to enter a building, to exit a building, to talk to people, to enter the battles, to battle, to exit the battles. Pretty much everything. And I hate that it takes so long.

    I also hate that there is no safari zone,the dream world, that poison doesn't hurt out of battle,TMs aren't a one time use anymore, etc
    They're not slow at all. Gen I and II had to suffer with slowness with no running shoes and had to rely on the bike that couldn't be used in some places that could be ran around in types of places similar to them in Gen V(Pokemon Tower in Gen I and Celestial Tower in Gen V)

    I don't see how anyone could hate the TMs being infinite now either, that is one of the greatest things ever done in the history of the games.
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