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Thanks for participating in Member of the Year 2012, and a happy new year on behalf of the entire PokéCommunity staff team. You can have a look at the results in this thread, if you haven't done so already.

If you have any comments, questions or feedback about MOTY 2012 or just MOTY in general, please use this thread to vent your proverbial spleens. We really do appreciate any constructive feedback you can give us, so please be as honest as possible. We don’t bite… really! If you loved this lil’ feature, say that; if you hated it and want it to be stricken from the forum, say that; if you liked/hated the new forum-specific MOTY ballots, mention it.

Just anything that comes to mind, really. When the end of 2013 comes around, the staff will take a look at this thread once more and bear these comments in mind for future events such as MOTY.

Thanks again, and happy 2013! :D
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