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Like Syd said the section-specific votes were a great idea, but in practice I'm not so sure they really worked. I know from my point of view it was difficult posting in some of them as since they were in the their specific sections it felt like you had to at least be a semi-regular before you could vote seriously in them and that was pretty off putting in quite a few cases, but I guess it's better that you have the people who know about the section voting there for a more accurate view on things so I guess it's about finding a balance between the two. Personally I'd prefer to see 2013 (if it happens again)'s edition take on the same format as this but with a few changes to make the forum-specific sections seem a little more accessible, or at least a tad more well-advertised to build up some hype for them. We didn't have any problems with this in PoC, but it was quite noticeable in some sections. D:

I wouldn't totally be against having an event forum dedicated to MotY next year much like the Get Togethers have with a different thread for each section, but in practice I'm not sure how that'd work out at all. On one hand it would gain a lot of publicity but there's also a lot of obvious repercussions so it'd need a lot of discussion before anything like this went forward. I'm not really supporting the idea myself either, just throwing it up as a "this could happen what do y'all think?" concept haha.
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