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What was your first anime? Why did you choose to watch it? Did it lead to you watch more/other anime or did it put you off entirely?

For me it was the Pokémon anime, but I never really saw that as being any different to English cartoons so the first thing I'd count would be The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya a couple years back. I chose to watch it after stumbling across the God Knows AMV and falling in love with the song, plus Nagato and Suzumiya's characters from the video looked very interesting/quirky, so after searching around and eventually asking a friend where it came from I found the anime and watched the first episode. Once the first episode had finished, it suddenly clicked to me why people watch this stuff and that it's not just a children's cartoon like I expected, so I watched the whole series in the space of two days and then continued on to countless more anime. I'm sure it would've happened sooner or later with all the anime lovers on PC, but this is what started off my love.
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