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School computers in my middle and high schools were terrible. The only thing that got routinely upgraded was Microsoft Office, and even then it wasn't worth the upgrade because all we did was type essays and use PowerPoint. 99% of the internet was blocked , and if it wasn't blocked at the time then it's certainly blocked now. At some point in my junior year of high school they were forced to unblock Google Images for students and Youtube for teachers.

At some point a lot of schools in the district were rebuilt and given Smart Boards for the classrooms, but whatever seminars were given to the teachers went right over their heads and it resulted in some of the greatest misuse of technology that I've ever seen. Some teachers used them as $1,300 projector screens, some taped student art to them like display boards, I saw one accidentally write on one with a marker and then try to wipe it off when she realized that this thing protruding a foot out from the white board wasn't the white board. It kind of made me realize that upgrading the technology in such a generally stupid area would hurt the teachers more than it'd help the kids.
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