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My earliest computer memories were on an old Mac back in Kindergarten. Green and black display. Ick. But I spent a lot of time playing some Muppets game on it.

Then there was a model with a black and white display and I would spend time on "Kid Pix" (I think that's what it was called).

My class rooms for the actual "grades" (1-8) had computers although we weren't allowed to use them because the teachers either didn't know how or didn't want us to break something. Although we were allowed to research and type on them in Grades 7 & 8. It was either Windows '95 or '98 I think. With some weird custom interface where all the applications are school books and your selection is very limited. I managed to access the actual Windows Explorer though and installed other browsers and some prank programs (like making your screen look broken) :p

High school was fine. I guess. Memory's a little fuzzy. Might have been because I was in a computer class. Was on LiveJournal a lot. But they had some software that seemed strange like a colouring book

In university, computer labs are fine although our user accounts have very limited space
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