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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
I don't know about pairing people together in a contest because.. well I don't feel you can rate how two people get along together when you don't know them.. so for a romance competition.. naahhh.. not sure about that! but I think it would be reaalllyyy cute to sorta raffle people into pairs just to make new friends on the forums.. just so we can say no one was purposely lonely for v-day when they didn't wanna be! :3
Love doesn't have to mean romance.. it can be friendships too :3
This was pretty much my thinking too, there's just a lot of logistical issues with the pairing plan and in reality I don't know just how well it'd work out haha. I do love the idea of pairing people up so that they can become friends, but the idea of being able to choose who's paired with who accurately enough to do that is a difficult one! What could work is changing it slightly into a sort of 'speed dating'-esque situation where users that enter end up talking to several members for a few minutes at a time or whatever (not sure exactly how this'd work but I'm sure Nica can think of something :p) and basically just meet as many new potential friends in one day as possible rather than having to risk meeting only one? And to make it more appealing, everyone who takes part could get the pink username for the day. ;)

(Actually on a serious note about the username bit, if everyone taking part did have a pink username or a userbar or icon or whatever for the day it'd be a lot easier to know who's available for "speed dating" with on the day so it might not be such a bad idea.)
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