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After playing the pokemon games I find myself looking more at the pokemon's stats we currently have 6 stats that define certain pokemon these are HP (Hit Points), Attack, Defence, Special Attack, Special Defence and Speed. When I was looking at certain pokemon's stats I feel that more stats might make the game a little bit more fun and would make it a little more technically for older generations while keep it simple enough for younger audiences.

The main stat I keep feeling needs to be introduced is Endurance, even though people would argue that HP is a pokemons endurance I feel this is 100% true when you watch the anime you see a first stage pokemon being able to outlast third stage pokemon because it has more endurance to its own weakness's, obviously adding an endurance stat would kind of ruin the aspect of a pokemon being weak to a type as it could just have a max endurance stat and be able to tank anything, however certain "BIG BUILD" pokemon such as Snorlax even though it only fins it's self with one weakness it is still pretty weak to any type of move but if you watch the anime Ash's Snorlax managers to take many fighting type moves and still come out unscathed. Obviously I am not saying every pokemon gets the same endurance of course certain pokemon would be able to have more of an endurance than others and they way in which you train the endurance would be determined how much a pokemon is attacked and how much health it losers throughout it's time with a player.

Another stat which is already in the pokemon game is evasiveness, however I don't think it's given enough recognition than the other stats because evasiveness is should be a key thing in pokemon, fast pokemon like Weavile and most bird pokemon should be able to avoid slower pokemon Like Slowking and Snorlax more often because they can out speed there attacks. Again I am not saying having a pokemon that can avoid every single hit a slower pokemon deals but has like a 1 in 4 chance to avade the attack if it has a 100 Evasiveness stat. I know alot of people would dislike this stat but I feel just like endurance it would make online battling alot more fun as trainers would have to mix and match teams in order to cover there evasive and endurance problems. People will argue that you mix and match in the current battling system but when I find myself WiFi battling or on Pokemon Online I always end up facing the same team 15 times in a row because they are OP in some way or they have a set up which can beat anything because of how there stats are set out.

Additional stats is something I have debated about with and against many people because it's quite a big subject, whether or the not the 6 stats there already are is enough or whether more stats would help with competitive battling and make the game have a better and realistic feel to it. Some people will say that if they add more stats the game could become too much like the anime but in my opinion what would be wrong with that? even the introduction of counter shields would be something to consider however I will touch on that in another post as this one is solely about stats.

The final stat that I wish to discuss is Adrenaline, we have moves at the moment like Anger Point where when your pokemon gets hit with a Critical hit it's attack is raised by 12 however I don't feel this is enough? You do have the generic Overgrow, Torrent and Blaze however I feel abilities should be more obvious the player, such as when blaze is activated a pokemon that protrudes fire such as Infernape should have the fire double in size or become more aggressive in movement. Going back to the actual adrenaline stat, Maybe it should be more of an ability but I feel if a pokemon gets down to a certain health than depending on it's adrenaline stat it has an increase in speed or attack or it hits first or hits harder but something which is similar to a last ditch attempt at overcoming an enemy!

Thank you for reading! Please do read it all before leaving a comment below and you might mistake certain parts and right something completely wrong to the subject! Again thanks and I look forwars to the comments!
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