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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
No offense, but I'm not sure if you even read my post, because if you did, then I answered pretty much exactly what you wanted me to! Do you know how much of a bulky Pokemon Slowbro is? Have you considered huge legendary Pokemon such as Wailord, Kyogre, or even Groudon for that matter? They sure have endurance, but how does evasiveness apply to them? During your entire post, I've not see one example of how this could apply to legendaries, and that's why I think it kind of fell flat here.

And yes, I disregarded the Luxray using thunderbolt half-on purpose, because again, Luxray is a physical attacker, no so much of a special one. It's possible, but does that mean thunderbolt is the only thing Luxray could use against flyers as a move that'll even hit? As a better example, what about two flying Pokemon against each other? It's certainly possible that they could dodge each other's moves as well as hit each other, so do explain the mechanics of how that would work. It would just be a huge mess in the games that wouldn't fare well, so do forgive me here for disagreeing.

I'm sorry, the run-on paragraph kind of confused me, but I'll further clarify myself to the best of my ability in the following example:

Let's take a super bulky Pokemon. Ferrothorn is an excellent example here. Name any other Pokemon that could come against Ferrothorn, and that Pokemon would almost always win, because it'll "dodge" Ferrothorn's attacks, similar to how it would in the anime. Ferrothorn is a Pokemon that(if I'm correct) does not, if hardly ever moves at all, so what if you're trying to lay down spikes? Stealth rock and Toxic spikes are also pretty much redundant if you're playing this like in the anime, since I assume that normal land-based Pokemon could just avoid them, but that's just an assumption anyway.

The point that I'm ultimately trying to make, is that, again, it would give certain Pokemon a huge boost, while it'll set back other Pokemon unfairly. To further clarify this, faster Pokemon have little chance against bulky Pokemon(unless they have choice band, but how does Choice Band work in the anime? Forgive me, I haven't watched the anime in years, so I wouldn't know, just using my imagination here), and vice-versa, because bulky Pokemon aren't "fast" enough to attack very fast Pokemon, so it'll just create an unnecessary hot mess, really.
Spikes and Toxic Spikes would be redundant? Have you watched the anime? You can still lay down spikes and any pokemon sent into battle would automatically have to touch with the obvious exceptions of flying/steel and poison pokemon, so even with the evasive stat at it's peak a pokemon would never be able to dodge a toxic spikes laydown, also Ferrothorn is a pokemon which doesn't attack often, It is used mainly as a setup pokemon so why would it matter if it's attacks could be evaded? and I am sure you never read my post about it completely through as I clearly stated all the evasive stat would do is give a pokemon a 1 in 4 or 1 in 6 chance chance to evade a slower pokemon if it's evasive stat is over a certain number. I never once said a extremely fast pokemon would be able to dodge every attack of a slower pokemon rather it being chance based to dodge the attack.

And you mention leaving out thunderbolt on a luxray because it is a physical attacker? but what electric types even those who are physical don't use thunder or thunderbolt? You can't just say "Because a pokemon is more physical it will never use a special based attack" because if you watched Paul vs Ash in the anime you will see that Paul's Aggron even though it is a physical attacker it uses Special based attacks! So your argument is slightly redundant it's self.

Some good points being made here! Keep it up guys! XD
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