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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
I really do feel like you're ignoring parts of my post on purpose here.

Again, I admitted that I haven't watched the anime in years, so yes, my argument may be slightly off, but do recognize that the games are completely different from the anime for a reason. And yes, having Ferrothorn attack actually -does- matter, otherwise it'd just be a sitting duck(which, for most Pokemon, it already is, anyway). It's imperative that Ferrothorn attacks via either Gyro Ball or Power Whip, and how do you propose it would do that when, when you really think about it, it can't/doesn't even move much?

Also, I feel you didn't read this part of my first post, either.

Think about it. Scald hits for burn about 30% of the time. Which, if you think about it competitively, literally translates to "lol almost all the time", so what's the difference here? 5 percent? 1 in 6 would be more reasonable than 1 in 4, but I feel it'll just frustrate people more and more by incorporating anime mechanics into the game, because you're not really taking into account accuracy as well, which is also "evasiveness" to some sort of extent. You never explained in your post how accuracy would fit as far as endurance, or even evasiveness stat is concerned. So I feel like you're saying "hey, it doesn't matter if you're using a move with 100% accuracy, if you're using it against a faster pokemon, it has an x amount of chance of missing because the faster pokemon might dodge it."

Hax pisses off enough people already. Let's try not to make that worse, shall we?

I never said "never". I said "not so much a special attacker". But screwing that example altogether(since I felt it was a pretty bad one anyway), you also ignored when I asked you the question about explaining how mechanics between two flying Pokemon would work, or heck, even another better one! What about Ghost Pokemon? They're naturally immune to physical attacks, so could they only be hit by special attacks? What if Ghost Pokemon have a high evasion? There are honestly just so many things wrong here that you have to consider not just the stats, but how each Pokemon of each type would utilize that stat, if you're really trying to incorporate this and somehow make the games like the anime. There are so my flaws here and there's honestly so many things you're not explaining that it doesn't really help your argument, either.
Ghost pokemon are not immune to physical attacks just normal and fighting attacks so they could still be hit by a move such as Thunder Fang so it wouldn't exactly ruin a battle, as for the 1 in 4 thing I didn't mean that it should be a 1 in 4 I was using it as an example obviously if they were to add it it would end up a 1 in 12 or something ridiculously low in order to keep battles flowing you say that the anime and the games are not similar but you have to understand that not watching the recent animes you sort of lose your a valid argument and it ends up as a stab in the dark.

You mention the matter of 2 bird pokemon with high speed and high evasion but if a fast pokemon comes up against another fast pokemon obviously they are going to be able to hit each other very often because they are fast enough not to be beaten by the other pokemons evasiveness stat, I tried not to go too much into how the game mechanics of these stats would actually work because alot of people wouldn't be able to understand how they would work but you are not fully grasping the concept I layed out, you need to take in all the information before commenting back, 2 fast pokemon will be easily able to hit each other, the same goes with 2 slow pokemon but a slow pokemon against a fast pokemon the faster pokemon should be allowed some sort of advantage and although you would argue being faster is the advantage already it doesn't apply to certain moves and items which require you to be slower, For example; zoom lens? payback ect.

The final point I wish to make is why wouldn't a pokemon be able to dodge something? the battles seem a tad unrealistic in that a pokemon would just stand there not move and just take hits and then deal them until 1 pokemon faints? how boring would that become in future games, so the reason I put up the evasion stat would be to throw up some controversy and make people debate about it! but in order to argue about it you cannot be 100% biased to one side you have to consider the other sides argument aswell!
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