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Originally Posted by ElitePokes View Post
Hey i was thinking if you can a make a repel system for emerald similar to the Port of the BW2 Repel system to GBA released by a guy in this forums for firered version

And you could add weather in Johto and Kanto too atleast in special towns or routes or extra places you may add in those 2 regions after GSC story
Like adding snow in the town with the ice gym or near the cave etc
Weather didnt exist in the original crystal but that was most likely due to limitations and it has nothing to do with the story so you could add it lol
I agree about the Repel system- I loved that from B2/W2 and it wouldn't have a massive affect on the 'experience'.

As for weather, eeeeh. It was one of the things of LC I didn't really like and why I know you're not suggesting the same, if it was intended I think they would have done it in HG/SS (which they didn't.) :x I think weather in the Sevii Islands would be cool where Diego can pretty much do whatever he likes.

Also, just wondering, but did you get my Chuck overworld sprites? /kindapostingthisatadlate.
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