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I got the Season Pass! My twin brother paid for $20 and I paid the difference, $10. I downloaded and installed it, but I haven't played it much. I am saving it for Friday, as I start Spring Break then!

I did start the first mission in the Torgue DLC, and the opening cinematic was hilarious. I'm going to play that one first, and then eventually Scarlet and Hammerlock's DLC.

I finally got my third character, Zero, to level 50. All's left is Axton if Ozzy would play with me! I didn't quite enjoy playing as the Assassin because I'm so clumsy as I'd lose more health trying to melee to regain health, haha. The replayability factor is incredibly there, though. Also, I've entered random lobbies or added friends from the official Gearbox forums and I have a ton of legendary items now. This makes me want to collect the rest of them, too! I have farmed for The Sham, Quasar, and Bonus Package. I was unsuccessful in finding the Nukem and Black Hole, but someone cloned and given those to me now. In the next upcoming days, I'll be hunting for DLC-exclusive weapons. :)

Here's some golden keys for ya if you're needing some good loot, too.

Mar 10 from Randy Pitchford's Twitter


Also, who's heard about the 6th Vault Hunter?
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