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    Finally got my SU done!

    Namehadow NorBorn
    Sex: Male
    Age: 18
    Species: Umbreon

    Tribe: Ruber Tribe

    he looks like a normal Umbreon but his rings glow an icy blue in the moon’s light. his eyes are red like a normal Umbreon. he is well built and his muscles are slightly more defined than most. he has a small scar over his right eye from surviving a battle with a human private

    Personality: He is mostly quiet, an Umbreon of action, he wants to unite all pokemon against the Human Republic. although he is young he is a great strategist and can almost instinctively make decisive decisions that give his group the tactical advantages. He is serious most of the time, almost business like. he is quick and quiet when it comes to work. he is rather reserved so very few ever know much about him... he doesn’t break under pressure, nor is he phased by most things.

    History (sent)

    Moves: Confuse Ray, Dark pulse, Shadow ball, Hyper beam, Ice fang.

    Profession: strike team leader

    Other: Those of the Ruber Tribe hardly call Shadow by his name, they prefer to call him, “(The) Son of The North Wind” or “(The) Son of Suicune.” In the moon’s light he becomes quicker and stronger.
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