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Sorry it took so long XD Here is part of my SU

Name: Aurora Cato

Sex: Female

Age: 23

Species: Dragonair

Tribe: Caerulus Tribe


Aurora is slightly different from the average Dragonair. Her eyes and bulbs are purple in color instead of blue.

Aurora is a kindhearted and helpful Pokemon in general. She will do what she can to help those who are in need or injured. She loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. Aurora can be seen calming the anger and wrath of those around her with the help of her voice. Aurora takes pride in her job as a Sage and loves to teach others. She isn’t afraid to be bubbly and takes a liking to playfully teasing those who are close to her. Despite her cheerful attitude she is also a powerhouse. Aurora knows abilities that are linked to the elements of nature and isn’t afraid to use them. Those that are brave enough to upset, or challenge, her better be prepared to take on nature’s fury.

History: *sent*

Moves: Twister, Ice Beam, Aqua Tail, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower.

Profession: Sage and Performer (Aurora can teach other Pokemon moves that she has learned, or seen, over the course of her life. She also loves to give singing performances to help distress her teammates.)

Other: Aurora has the known nicknames of “(The) Weather Goddess” or “(The) Weather’s Wrath” depending on her mood.
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