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Might as well post it already.

Lordus Rivendare
Sex: Male
Age: He
doesn't know. He looks around 30 and sounds even older.
Species: Haxorus
Tribe: Caelurus

Lordus is a tall Pokemon, standing at almost six feet. The tusks on the side of his head are longer and curvier, so much that their back tips almost touch each other. H
is tough, polished scales glows golden in the sun, but his claws are black instead of red; and agile, like his arms. His limbs have grown flexible from using weapons such as one handed swords and axes. A black linen bandage is tied tightly around his whole left arm, its two ends billowing behind him like a cape when he walks. Multiple black leather belts are fastened around his waist and one across his chest; each of them has sheaths that could carry the weapons he chooses to. His favorite weapons are two bastard swords with their hilts bound onto bracelets he wears on his wrists with long chains. These two swords are curvy edges made of stained steel and each have a ruby engraved above their hilts; they are ignited in blue and red flames when he uses his Dragon Claw move.

His eyes are deep dark blue, an unusual color for his species, and glow ominously in the dark. Sometimes, they darken, as if shadows quickly pass by them.


Flesh and the present are all that matter to Lordus. He is a realist and an open atheist that denies the faith of Caelurus to Groudon, claiming he will first have a cup of wine with a god before he believes in him. As such, the afterlife and the plane of souls are matters of little importance to him; that is why he is quite blunt when it comes to slaughter. Lordus's savage nature has earned him a reputation for being a cruel and cold blooded killer, one that is ruthless and will use uncouth means to attain his goal - much like spiritual matters, honor means nothing to him. The desired outcome of a battle blesses all the ways used to make it a reality, he preaches. He does like killing, as he claims he was born to do just that. In the end, it all comes down to the hunter and the hunted, as he says. Apart, though, from the image he projects, he in fact is not cruel - he simply maintains his own views of life and death, simple as they are.

He is quite reticent; he doesn't speak often, but when he does, he is brutally blunt and straight to the point. Ofttimes his words are insulting but downright true - he speaks the cold, hard truth with no remorse or second thoughts. Whilst not fighting, he is rather mature and offers a good company to those he appreciates.

The most sacred trait he possesses is the unquestioned obedience he displays while serving the Tribe. If he is told to do a task, he will do it with no restraint or complaint; and he will see that it is done, one way or another and regardless of its impact on morals - morals are just more things he considers useless, although he does show what seems to be compassion in rare occasions.

History: (Will be sent soon.)

Moves: Dragon Claw, Night Slash, Bulldoze, Giga Impact, Reversal
Profession: Warrior
Other: Absurdly, Lordus is afraid of fire, despite being resistant to it.

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