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    The return of the cranky, delusional EK! And his old, cranky, character!

    Name: Boston Mikkelson

    Sex: Male

    Age: 44

    Mikkelson is a physically imposing person. Very fit for his age, Mikkelson measures in at six feet, four inches tall and weighs two-hundred and three pounds. Mikkelson has a worn out face, slightly wrinkled and scarred, along with a grey stubble beard and moustache combination. Mikkelson's eyes are a dull blue, and appear to have a look that is tired and desperate for a break. Mikkelson sports a grey crew cut on top of his head, and despite lots of ribbing, Mikkelson refuses to get it dyed or treated.

    Mikkelson wears two sets of clothing, his civilian/undercover clothes, and his military uniform. His civilian clothes consist of a plain black, two piece suit, with a white undershirt, black tie and black dress shoes. His military uniform starts off with a black undershirt, camo officer's jacket and two arm bands with the HR logo and Mikkelson's rank on the bands. Mikkelson's uniform consists also of camo cargo pants, and black combat boots that seem to fit perfectly inside the a**es of incompetent soldiers.

    Mikkelson also has a couple of articles that stay with him through both outfits. A gold watch, which Mikkelson has owned for over twenty years, stays on his wrist at all times. Mikkelson has one tattoo, which is "100+" written in ink on Mikkelson's left arm, a reference to the amount of confirmed kills Mikkelson has gotten during his military service.

    Boston Mikkelson is reckless, bold and stubborn. His blunt attitude draws the ire and awe of both his allies and enemies, often displaying his "never say die" morals and solid work ethic. Mikkelson is very headstrong and is never the one to give up on what he believes is right, often bringing the respected officer into trouble. Mikkelson is a influential leader, and carries leadership aspects with him. Mikkelson has no fears remaining, and is up to any challenge, no matter how difficult the challenges may be. Mikkelson is a Military expert, and has tons of skill and experience on the battlefield. Mikkelson is called "wise", but no one is sure if he lives up to that outside of the Battlefield. Mikkelson has a relatively unorthodox view on how the way things work, and doesn't really have any faith in the human race, preferring the " Survival of the fittest" that seems to work for the Pokemon. Even as he inches closer to old age, Mikkelson trains to be in peak physical condition, and can outrun and out-muscle many of the younger Soldiers in the HR Army. Mikkelson is adept at finding the enemy's weaknesses and is also skilled at exploiting the aformentioned weaknesses. Mikkelson is a expert when it comes to firing a weapon, no matter what model the weapon is. Mikkelson often speaks in a stern and commanding voice, his voice and mere presence forcing you to listen to what the war veteran has to say. On the outside, Mikkelson appears as the cold, calculated, emotionless killer yet secretly, Mikkelson is done with war, and the pressures of the sights he has seen, along with being a high-ranking officer, have Mikkelson close to breaking down.

    History (Events that took place in your character’s past. Please send this to me in a Private Message, secrets play a big role in this RP: -----------

    Rank: General

    Specialization: Soldier

    Preferred Weapon:

    -H&K G36c
    -S&W .44 Revolver
    -Smoke Grenades
    -Combat Knife
    -Grappling Hook

    Don't use his first name, ever. It is either Mikkelson, or (Insert Rank) Mikkelson. However, if you WANT to piss him off then go ahead.
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