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@Tabor: Welcome to the club! I think the concept behind Phione was rather trollish on Gamefreak's part. They already made Manaphy an event-exclusive Pokemon - and I sure wasn't going to buy Pokemon Ranger - but after obtaining one, you have the option of breeding and producing weaker... squishy... things. ;___; Talk about adding salt to our wounds. I'd much rather Phione not exist at all, yeah!

@ɯɐǝq ɹǝpʎɥ: Heatran is kinda cute, but yeah, its design is quite uninspiring. We already had tons of volcano dwelling legendary Pokemon, too. Let's not forget that Heatran can climb on walls... That freaked me out the most when watching the Arceus movie!

@Ozzy: Remind me to gut you and hang you in an alternate dimension for not loving Giratina. ;_; He just reeks of brute strength and of deathly... things. :D Yay being dragon and ghost!

@Synerjee: Lati twins have genders, but their genders are justified. Even Meloetta walks away genderless when she's gotta be clearly female... Why does Heatran have a gender? Why Cresselia, but not Darkrai? Why do the genies have genders, too? XD I think the only legendary Pokemon that should have genders are the Lati twins, given their origin.

@Olli97: I'm not against seeing Manaphy disappear or is that because it's the only Gen IV event I never obtained?! because we already have Shaymin as Sinnoh's tiny, cutesy, 100-base stat legendary.

@Vegetunks937: Welcome! I searched around to find a fan-sprite of Yveltal for you. :P Why don't you like Kyogre's design? It just wants to get you a big hug... Hmm... New topic time!

What would you change about any existing legendary Pokemon?