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Originally Posted by LocksmithArmy View Post
I feel like this map came right out of Gold version... its very similar to the first few routes you would see in Johto... I like it, although I would like to know more about whats going on in the map, shy is there a sign in the middle of the path (most signs are up aginst things but im sure there is a reason for it) and what is that girl going to say... but visually I have no major issues with it... the open space in the middle is large, but when playing it, it wont seem so big... 9/10


I do like the ledge idea... thanks thatll be fun to play with in my next hack... allowing the player an easy exit on their way back through... but I chose not to make it a maze on purpose... no dead ends... because I have some actual mazes already in the game... i thought i would not overdo the maze feel since i have a HUGE maze challenge already. length is also on purpose, the event at then end is optional, kinda like getting to moltres... its quite a trek up mt ember... well this is quite a trek to get a jirachi... its a bit shorter than the mt ember lol but thats because there is more to getting jirachi than just getting through this map (you must use earthquake on a tile that has no indication that earthquake is needed, unless you talk to that tile, but which tile do you talk to?).

I appreciate all the feed back tho.

if you liked mazes ive got ya covered,
this is my Catacombs...
Hack Name: Pokemon - Ultra Violet Version
Game Base: Fire Red
Main Path (the tile error was repaired before the game was released)

Rock Path

Ice Path

Steel Path

The catacombs are a literal maze (dark, flash usable) that puts you in a room [E] fighting registeel, regice or regirock depending on which path you took out of the main room... leaving the room where you fought the regi puts you back outside the catacombs so you have to complete the maze 3 times through all 3 different paths to get all 3 regis. its quite challenging without using flash (might be fairly easy with flash tho). There is 1 pokeball item on each map aswell... (gets you the glass flutes from R/S/E). And please dont complain about them being straight lines and not "natural", Catacombs are man made tunnels... so yes they are thin straight tunnels... on purpose.
I do like these maps, i feel as if some curves and more detail could be added especially in the caves they are just long passages. I would want to see it curve left then split up into a crossroads leading to more than one dead end atm all i need to do is go down one long passage realise its a dead end and then go through the next one, you should make it more like a make. I dont see too many errors well hardly any so thats a plus the layout of the laddrs is good though.
Other than that nothing really.
So over all i will rate this map(these maps) a 6-7

My map:
Map name Mantro Town
Game: Firered
Credits a big list that i have stated where i uploaded the map.

Been long since i last mapped so go easy on me.