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My favorite non-legendary Pokemon of each type are largely on the same as my list as the ones that do include them, but nonetheless:

Bug - I always try and say that I don't have one favorite Pokemon, but if I did, it'd be Butterfree.
Dark - Umbreon, as it's probably my favorite of the Eeveelutions, and one of my favorite designed Pokemon.
Dragon - I don't really care for many non-legendary Dragon types, but I guess I'll go with Hydreigon.
Electric - This type usually flip-flops depending on my mood, but right now my favorite Electric type would be Rotom.
Fighting - While Fighting is it's secondary type, I have to put Heracross here since Butterfree takes up my Bug spot.
Fire - I can never decide if I like Ninetales or Arcanine more, so they'll have to share this spot.
Flying - Pidgeot, since it was always a staple on my teams in the earlier games.
Ghost - Gengar would probably be my #2 favorite Ghost type, but I'll put my favorite in another category.
Grass - Another tie, this one between Sceptile (one of my best starters to date), and Breloom (my first shiny Pokemon).
Ground - A type I rarely use, so I've got no real favorite. Dugtrio, Excadrill and Nidoking would probably me my top 3, in no particular order.
Ice - Froslass is easily my favorite Ice type, and was arguably my most useful Pokemon throughout the entire 4th gen.
Normal - Lots to choose from, but the Blissey in Emerald's Battle Factory helped cement it as my top Normal type.
Poison - Strangely, my #1 Poison Pokemon is already listed as my #2 Ghost Pokemon. I guess the runner-up Poison type would be Crobat.
Psychic - Unown, but definitely not for their usability in battles.
Rock - I would've put Aggron as my top Steel Pokemon, but I can't say there are many other Rock types that I care for, so it goes here.
Steel - Empoleon gets the nod here, as it was probably the strongest starter aside from Sceptile I can remember using.
Water - I've got two. Starmie, because it was the anchor of my FireRed team when I traded it over, and Magikarp- just because.
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