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Originally Posted by Yusshin
Don't really know what's going on. My notifications said I had a new "Like." When I clicked, it sent me to my CP... but nothing in there indicated what post, what topic; nothing! I did all the dropdowns - Infractions, Post Comments - but nothing was displayed, and now on refresh the notification is gone, but I never saw anything lol!

What am I supposed to be looking for in the CP?
Another possibility I can think of is that someone might have accidentally liked one of your posts (maybe when scrolling or something), and in the time between getting the notification and going to your control panel, they unliked it. I just tested it, and any of your posts that become unliked no longer show up in the Control Panel.

On a somewhat related note, when I was checking out this problem, I noticed that not all of my posts that have been liked are actually showing up in my control panel. For example, the actual post says that one person likes it, but it doesn't show up in my latest 10 likes (even though it was from yesterday). Was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this.