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Hey guys! This post by knizz:
Originally Posted by knizz View Post
For FireRed:
If you want to skip the intro: [0x080EC5D0]=0x08078915.
If you want to skip the intro+titlescreen: [0x080EC5D0]=0x0800C301.
If you want to skip the tutorial+oak:
  • [0x0800C4C4]=0x08056645
  • [0x08054A68]=0x4C3C
  • [0x08054A6A]=0x6820
  • [0x08054A6C]=0x4900
  • [0x08054A6E]=0xE001
  • [0x08054A70]=name of the player

    081C5758 : GREEN
    081C575E : RED
    081C5762 : LEAF
    081C5767 : FIRE
    081C576C : GARY
    081C5771 : KAZ
    081C5775 : TORU
    081C577A : ASH
    081C577E : KENE
    081C5783 : GEKI
    081C5788 : JAK
    081C578C : JANNE
    081C5792 : JONN
    081C5797 : KAMON
    081C579D : KARL
    081C57A2 : TAYLOR
    081C57A9 : OSCAR
    081C57AF : HIRO
    081C57B4 : MAX
    081C57B8 : JON
    081C57BC : RALPH
    081C57C2 : KAY
    081C57C6 : TOSH
    081C57CB : ROAK
    081C57D0 : OMI
    081C57D4 : JODI
    081C57D9 : AMANDA
    081C57E0 : HILLARY
    081C57E8 : MAKEY
    081C57EE : MICHI
    081C57F4 : PAULA
    081C57FA : JUNE
    081C57FF : CASSIE
    081C5806 : REY
    081C580A : SEDA
    081C580F : KIKO
    081C5814 : MINA
    081C5819 : NORIE
    081C581F : SAI
    081C5823 : MOMO
    081C5828 : SUZI
  • [0x08054A7E]=0x4E34
  • [0x08054B3A]=0x0000
  • [0x08054B3C]=0x0000
plz credit lol
If you do this:
Originally Posted by knizz
If you want to skip the intro+titlescreen: [0x080EC5D0]=0x0800C301.
the intro animation and the title screen will be removed BUT the Help System is removed too.

I'm guessing that the Help System is loaded as soon as the Titlescreen is displayed or maybe when the screen is refreshed and since it wasn't displayed or refreshed, it didn't load the Help System too.

Maybe we can mess up with it and make it load the Titlescreen but not load the Help System.

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