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    It only happened once when I was trying to catch an Clefairy in Mt Moon on pokemon Leafgeen. I finally found one and knocked it's health to red then found out I had no pokeballs in my bag.
    Agreed Curtis, Clafairy is considered uncommon on rare in Mt Moon, and even if you have a few, it's going to be tough, but without a single Pokeball, you must well just knock it out for the XP.

    This has literally only happened to me once. After catching a Pikachu in Viridian Forest, I didn't replace the Balls I'd used to catch it, and then BAM, Shiny Metapod. I wouldn't mind, but Metapod has a reasonably easy catch-rate, so I wouldn't have needed to do much, had I the Pokéballs... :/
    Shiny Pokemon. Wow. What are the odds of that appearing? xD Needless to say, a Pikachu in Viridian Forest is pretty rare in its own right, but passing up the chance for a shiny Pokemon can make me cry.

    I think that happen to me just in the first times i played pokemon; because now the first thing I buy are pokeballs, at the beginning of the adventure I buy 10 on 10 pokeballs, even near the end of the adventure i had have more pokeballs than other items like revives, paralize heals, hyper potions.

    Some monster have escape from me but when they make explosion or use roar or some other nasty moves.
    Yeah, that is pretty much how it works. Don't get me started on how many times Cressila slipped from my hands when I forgot to use the mean look. Arghh....

    Argg, that's a really annoying thing to have happen. I can't recall any particular times it happened to me, but I know it has. And I was extremely frustrated. XD
    Happened to only once. When I was trying to catch Regirock. Good thing that I saved before battling him :p
    Lol, the golden rule of Pokemon: Thou shall save before battling legends or the E4... xD

    I usually always buy ten Pokeballs upon arriving to a new city, along with five of each other kind available, so I don't have this problem.
    That's the safe way to go, but I don't know about y'all, but going to the Pokemart is a drag for me. I usually get all my Pokeballs using the best way. Which is just picking up the Pokeballs and all my other items on the ground... ;

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