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Hm kinda awkward to be choosing Poison, Rock, and Ghost types considering I just posted about why I don't like them we go:

Kingdra - It's a Water/Dragon type...making it weak to almost nothing except Dragon.
Grass: Roserade - Albeit limited in its movepool, I like its Special attack stat, plus it's relatively quick on its feet.
Fire: Quilava - No, not Typhlosion. I like Quilava just because it's still lovable, before it evolves into this (iunno please don't hurt me)
Electric: Eelektross - Never really used many Electric-types but it is definitely the most memorable one, as it's weak to nothing due to its Ability.
Flying: Staraptor - Hm...too many to choose from but I definitely like its Attack compared to the rest of the regional birds.
Psychic: Gardevoir - Great Sp. Atk'er. I remember not using one in Emerald on my first playthrough of it, but every time after that I've used one.
Bug: Volcarona - Special Attacker once again, plus its type combo is very intriguing (Bug/Fire).
Ground: Torterra - It was my first starter (I played Pearl first), and even though it's weak to many types, I still like it.
Normal: Persian - Really, I have no idea. I never used Normal-types, but I found all of them to be okay. Persian fits my money-hoarding style (Pay Day!)
Ice: Walrein - Water typing offsets weakness to Fire and Steel (although it does add weakness to Grass and Electric). I also like its stats in general (even if it may be a bit slow).
Dark: Houndoom - It's a hellhound basically, and it's a relatively great Pokemon that I have on my team.
Dragon: Dragonite - Hard toss-up between Dragonite, Kingdra, and Garchomp but...Dragonite has a massive Attack stat, and balanced stats otherwise. Learns a multitude of moves, too.
Fighting: Lucario - Fighting + Steel...what a great type combo. Aura Sphere is nice as well.
Steel: Empoleon - With access to water and ice moves, I personally like Empoleon the most of all the Steel types.
Poison: I can't really choose one, I don't use them often. Although one exception would be Crobat. It's pretty decent as a Poison-type, regardless if I hated Poison-types or not. Toxicroak comes in at a close second. (Okay maybe I don't entirely hate Poison-types...)
Rock: Archeops - It's just a great physical sweeper. Its move pool is also pretty good.
Ghost: Meh....Gengar. I've never used Ghosts much. Shedinja comes in second