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Update for Final Ultimate Monotype Challenge - Water!

Update #2 on Black 2.

  • Visited the Pokéstar Studios, then defeated the Plasma Grunts.
  • Got a boat ride from Pop Roxie to Castelia City.
  • Did a little exploring around the city, then headed into the Castelia Sewers with Hugh to defeat Team Plasma.
  • Hugh then gave me the Strength HM, and I went into the grass that was now acessible.
  • Caught Aquaman the Eevee, as well as a Cottonee to trade later.
  • Aquaman won't be evolving until I get to the next city, so I didn't train him up much, as I wanted him learn Aurora Beam (L21).
  • Battled all the trainers in the Sewers, the Battle Co., and the few trainers on Route 4 that were available.
  • Took on the gym, and after a lot of resets, Leavanny missed with Razor Leaf, and Archelon Rollout'd to victory.

  • Went to Route 4, where I defeated Colress with ease.

  • Traded the Cottonee I caught earlier for Petulia the Petilil and snagged the Power Anklet she was holding.
  • Continued on through Join Avenue to Nimbasa City, and grabbed the Sun Stone to evolve Petulia into Lilligant.
  • Went to the Battle Subway and played a round of Multi Train (using Petulia and Torrent) with Rosa in order to buy a Water Stone.
  • Used it on Aquaman, and he evolved into Vaporeon!

  • Took on good amount of time to defeat all the trainers on Route 4, the Desert Resort, Routes 5 and 16, and in Lostlorn Forest.
  • Finally I went through the old gym and then the new gym, ending at Elesa.
  • Aquaman did a lot of damage here with Aurora Beam, and then Torrent finished off Zebstrika with Revenge.

  • Saved the game directly after I got out of the gym.

Team Devin:

Aquaman the Bold Vaporeon, ♂ - L32 @ Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Aurora Beam, Quick Attack, Acid Armor, Sand-Attack

Archelon the Careful Tirtouga, ♂ - L31 @ Hard Stone
Ability: Solid Rock
Moves: Aqua Jet, Smack Down, Crunch, Strength

Torrent the Hasty Dewott, ♂ - L33 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Torrent
Moves: Razor Shell, Water Pulse, Revenge, Dig

HM Slaves:

Lilligant - Cut, Flash

Pidove - Fly