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    Crystal part is over! It is time for Emerald. But first, it is final team time! Pokemon are listed from most useful to least useful.


    Rai Jr was the best pokemon of Johto. He got good moves early and was a beast. I was planning to keep him as Pikachu and use Light Ball but he turned out to be weak so I evolved him with the thunderstone I got from Bill's grandpa. Sweet Kiss and Thunder Wave combo that he got while he was still a Pichu was so useful. I used it against Blue's Rhydon (Lanturn was knocked out) , Red's Pikachu and Snorlax and it trolled them. Thunderbolt was a beast move at early game. Totally MVP.

    Conductor dealed with all Rock-Ground-Fire types in the game. He soloed and OHKOed all of Brock, Misty and Blaine's Pokemon, gave me Surf and was powerful with Thunder Wave-Confuse Ray combo which I also had on Rai Jr.

    In Kanto, his father was LVP, but electric-steel combination is just too powerful. It could take any type of Pokemon expect for Rock. Only problem was his limited moveset of Electric type moves. Zap Cannon had 5 PP but was still powerful and he took Snorlax after Rai Jr died by outPP'ing it and Toxic+Flash trolling.

    My starter in Johto, and was good. His FirePunch was counter against Grass types and Light Screen was good against Blue's Alakazam and Red's Espeon.

    He was a bit late but helped much with Venusaur. Coming late was the only bad thing but he was outshined by the others.

    His father was MVP in Kanto but he didn't turn out to be the Pokemon I guessed he would be. Wonder why he has Pink Bow even though he has no Normal moves? Because he was stuck with crappy Quick Attack until he learned Thunder at LEVEL 52. I am really disappointed with him. Sorry but you are LVP.

    I was playing with breeding thing and Pharaoh got an egg with a Ditto I randomly caught and a Shiny Mareep came out of it. Too bad Gen 2 games can't trade with Gen 3 games. But I'm probably going to hack a shiny Mareep in after game in Emerald.

    For the other challenges:

    Yellow : Fire
    Region : Kanto
    Badges : 4 / 8
    Ignis / Ember / Slash / Dig / Rage
    Kyuubi / Flamethrower / Confuse Ray / Quick Attack / Ember
    Flare / Bite / Quick Attack / Sand-Attack / Tail Whip

    Red : Flying
    Region : Kanto
    Badges : 3 / 8
    Ignis / Ember / Dig / Seismic Toss / Rage
    Zephyr / Gust / Quick Attack / Sand Attack / Whirlwind
    Kanto Ultimate Monotype:

    Kanto , Johto , Hoenn , Sinnoh , Unova

    Colour the world :D