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(This post is unrelated to the current discussion.) We have now implemented an important and inevitable rule.

— Do not post inappropriate content.
Do not link to pornography, hentai, or any other sexually explicit content. Do not directly refer to sexual activity. Do not make gory, vulgar, or distasteful comments. Do not make comments in excessive detail over indirect references to sexual activity or any body part that could be deemed sexual. The same topics must be kept at a minimum, and may never be the main subject of discussion. Do not use usernames that directly reference the aforementioned details.
The previous rule was ineffective because people who disliked sex talk would never contact anyone on the server staff. They would either tell the higher staff or leave the server until the topic is no longer related to sex jokes. More importantly, no extension of PC should allow content like that in the first place. The old rule was more or less a method of trying to see if we could allow it for the sake of our community without causing any significant issues. However, with all that's happened, it simply wasn't working. Instead, we decided to adopt rules that are similar to PC's. Regardless of whether you like it or not, this change was mostly inevitable. We can't allow content that's not allowed on PC. Simple as that.

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