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1. Providing you're of legal age, what is stopping you from having sex? Religious reasons? Lack of interest, from either you or another person? Lack of sexual desire for anyone? Fear?
Lack of interest from another person, obviously.
(In all seriousness though, the reason I haven't lost it was because around a month ago I let my best mate blow all my condoms up into balloons, Needless to say, I was very ill prepared and I still hate myself for it; this is why it's taken me a month to post in this thread. But yeah, said girl was probably already fairly mentally damaged to even consider reaching this point with me, thus the above point I have made still stands.)

2. Are you okay with being a virgin? Do you care about what society/the people have to say in regards to it?
Well, I'm 17 and my hormones are ill-controlled and rampant, soooo no. XD I blame society. It's a teenage thing k?

3. When do you plan on having sex? Do you even want to have sex?
I dunno... I guess when the opportunity presents itself? (It probably won't for a very long time tbh, but one can only hope, right?)
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