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    Originally Posted by Soldier Randy View Post
    Hey man, all I can say about this game (because it's a complete game, not a hack, even more complete than FireRed itself) is that is completely AWESOME, like, having the chance to get all the pokemon in 1 save is great opportunity and great addition.

    Is how it is, but think it would be cool that you implemented some kind of feature on the Mystery Gift, I don't know, special items such as the Mach an Acro bikes (if it is possible to make them work properly in FR), or even pokemon eggs wich contains special pokemon with special moves (like for example what you did with Pichu).
    I don't know if it is possible to make something like that but if not there's no worries, the game is perfect as it is.

    And I have a question:
    I was playing FR on a normal ROM, and then download your game UV, so all I did was transfer the saves from FireRed to Ultra Violet.
    Doing that I did no start a new game on UV, so I do not have a National Dex yet. Will I get one the normal way after beating the E4, or will I have to start the game all over?

    Congratulations on your work and thank you immensely for this wonderful game.
    wow thanks

    the mystery gift idea is cool... I dont know if its possible.. but I dont see why not... just dont know how... yet
    it would be cool if the player gets to a certain event and gets an item via mystery gift... (the bikes work fine in FR btw)

    as for the national dex... you WONT get it the normal way (maybe I shoulda left that code in) I suggest, just before beating the champ (or anytime before) switch to regular fire red, so when you reset (after the credits) and talk to oak he will give you the national dex... then switch back to ultra violet...

    you will miss a lil story where Oak tells you to go to 4-points isle... but it is not really important... he just wants you to complete the pokedex