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Originally Posted by Nil Nuane View Post
And this might shock some people... but Super Mario Galaxy. I liked Super Mario 64, and Sunshine, but Galaxy... I just don't like the level design. Too linear for me, and I honestly don't really like the fact that every level had the same sphere planets. Felt too much like a game, and not like an adventure... I really feel alone on this, because the vast, vast majority of people loved this game.
YES YES YES I'M NOT ALONE. I always felt like this game was just too hollow for it's intergalactic theme and I missed the non-linear level design. And it also kickstarted the trend of Mario games relying on nostalgia rather than innovation to make their games.

I really don't like a lot of the 3DS games I've played. They either felt like lazy rehashes (Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7), had dumbed-down gameplay (Pokemon Rumble Blast, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity) or were just really poorly designed (Kid Icarus Uprising).

I disliked Uprising as the controls were terrible (no, I don't care about getting use to them, they are still imprecise and give me hand cramps), the writing was criminally unfunny and the gameplay was repetitive and felt like busywork.

Well, at least the 3DS has Animal Crossing New Leaf, Theatrythm and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, making it my go-to handheld system when my PSP Go isn't around. I like the 3DS, but I was not fufilled with may of it's titles.

tl;dr most first party 3DS titles and recent Mario titles.
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