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    It all began in late November-January for me. I had made a PC account in February that year (so I could download files off the the Game Development area), but had not really touched the Roleplay Corner. And well, there was a program at my school making class interact with another class for a term while learning about "Life Skills" (i.e. a waste of time for a whole term). And so, I came to know a pre-existing friend of mine much better (the friendship was built on mutual interests such as Pokemon in general, despite my love for it being more diehard). Thus I was introduced to role-playing.

    Now back to how I came to the Roleplay Corner. So in December, I visited the Roleplay Corner for this first time after browsing through the various forums. It took me MONTHS to get to know the ropes of the Roleplay Corner (it was my first time role-playing on a forum), only signing up for one RP in the Corner until a certain time where I knew what everything was, and for the first time, I felt apart of the Corner.

    That's my story, I guess.

    How does CSS work in posts? I'm more accustomed to Notepad format so could someone give me a heads up to how it works on PC?
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