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The Steam Sale is Officially on!

Not only are there a plethora of games on sale until the 22nd, but you can also win Trading Cards for every $10 that you use! These cards can be traded or sold on the Steam Market. Now before you go off to buy all those games you never got to, here are some things that you should consider:
  • Don't jump to buy a game that is part of the sale simply because it's on Sale. The Flash Sale and the Community's Choice may yield a better discount than a standard Steam Sale discount. Patience can be your greatest tool when looking for the best deal. Watch for Daily Deals, of course, but Flash Deals and Community's Choice should take precedence, as they often yield the best discounts the sale has to offer.

  • While the Steam Sale is nice, it may also be smart to look to other sites for better deals. GreenmanGaming, Gamer's Gate, and Getgames Go are just a few examples that always have incredible deals, so don't limit yourself. Having said that, keep the previous tip in mind.

  • Keep a careful watch of the Flash Sale and the Community Choice. The Flash Sales last 8 hours and show deals for four games. The Community's Choice lasts the same amount of time and is dictated by 3 sales that are put up for a vote. The game that gets the most votes will have a sale for a set amount of time, until the next Community Choice sale. Then, of course, there's the Daily Sale, which lasts for 24 hours.

  • Put games on your wishlist. If there's a game you really want and you don't want to have to keep looking at the Steam Sale for a better deal, put the game on your wishlist so that you will get e-mails about deals for games on your wishlist.
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