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    Gen 1: Jynx: Horrible design. Don't like the long blonde hair.
    Gen 2: Smoochum: It's pre-evolution looks worse.
    Gen 3: Treecko evo. line: I'm not into geckos and I'm not into Grass-type starter Pokemon.
    Gen 4: Gastrodon: Despite the fact it has two different sets of colors, having the black eyes gives me the creeps. I'm glad I'm not touching one either.
    Gen 5: Pretty close call between Druddigon, Gothita evolutionary line and Vullaby, but Vullaby captures my vote. It looks like its half-hatched, and the dark pink face just does not work.
    Gen 6: While it's not released yet, I already have a choice for ugliest Pokemon: Skrelp. I'm glad I'm not touching that either.
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