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I would prefer the ban be between the single member and the staff member who banned them. That's now how it is now. Right now it's between the banned member and the entire staff. I'd be against a public list documenting every banned member and why they were banned, only because if I was banned I wouldn't want the entire forum knowing the details about it.

When we ban someone, we give a very clear message for them to let them know why they were banned, and if they disagree with it, they can always contact Steve via the Contact Us link to dispute the ban, and he posts that in the Banned User Discussions forum for the entire staff to see and discussion, and almost every single time a decision on whether to let that member come back or keep them banned is made in the thread by just the general consensus (which is usually unanimous) of the staff.

What I'm reading from this thread is "I don't trust the staff to use their powers properly or act maturely with them in a reasonable way, so I want them to be held accountable for when someone is banned for a moot reason."

We give reasons for a ban to the person who the ban concerns. The reason we give is also listed in the thread, and trust me when I say that (usually) everyone and their mother seems to have a comment that they feel the need to state in those threads, and if someone disagrees with the member being banned for that reason, they'll bring it out and a discussion will come about it.
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