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Do you think the contests will be back given the emphasis of beauty as a theme?

It seems like pokemusical and the poke park studios didn't go over very well. There wasn't really much to be accomplished.

If so, what new features of the contests would you like to see? Should Pokemon Coordinator be a more prominent side quest?

Lastly, this generation, we are able to customize our trainers which is mind-blowingly awesome. This will really allow for the role-playing aspect of the main series to really shine through.

So, here's a question that ought to stir some controversy among fans:

Should pokemon be customizable, if so, to what extent?

Or, perhaps battle items should be visible?

Further, limitations on pokemon that are able to use battle items should be made. A metagross should not be able to hold an air balloon given how ridiculous it would look!

#Team Popplio & Brionne
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