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    Originally Posted by JayTheKing View Post
    Battle items should not be visible.Where would you put a life orb?Held in hands?Oh god i want my Zoroark to have its hands free.Plus your opponent will know what item you have so he will take countermeasures(You will be able to do that as well but that makes Comp.Battling more boring)
    The extent i want a Pokemon customized is probably a ribbon or a scarf that have no effect.
    I want Contests from Hoenn to return.
    I am also almost sure that we will have some sort of beauty display contest for the character and the Pokemon
    Haha, I know what you mean. Though, any orb could be worn as a pendant on the pokemon's collar. Some of the more obvious items, such as the rocky helmet and air balloon should be known to the opponent given that if a pokemon is holding a balloon, it doesn't make sense that the animation would depict it standing on the ground or wearing a rocky helmet if that is the battle item in use. With the 3D graphics, and more realistic environment it allows for lack of attention to certain details to become quite obvious. In a "real" pokemon battle the other trainers would be able to see some of the battle items, and both trainers would be able to take counter measures, so it is a fair game in that aspect.
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