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I find myself in much the same position as Element0 and 007_eleven.

I am a pretty passive person and I don't like to come across as though I like to start trouble or anything in any way. I will take a lot from people and just ignore it, but like what these people above have said you can only push me so far.

I have to expend a lot of effort to not lose my cool and eventually if you push enough you're going to get a response. There have been plenty of cases in my (not overly long) past where I have just lost it to the point of being verbally, or in some cases even physically aggressive.

I like to think that I'm not easy to walk over though, despite being a passive person. I don't let people push me around, I'm just not going to start arguments and I am going to tend towards trying to fulfil others needs before my own (see the thread on the subject). If conflicts arise I'm always going to try and stay as neutral as possible or at least try to sort it out diplomatically.

All this being said though, how passive I am really does depend what buttons you push. I can take a lot personally but I'm very protective of my close friends and family.

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