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    Oh god, I love meat. Especially barbecue chicken, when it's marinated with honey. So sweet, and succulent, so nice and greasy to your fingers when you tear the flesh right off the bone and chew on it, letting the taste seep into your taste buds and explode into a plethora of flavours that tickle your tongue, prompting you to hold it there for the warm and tender embrace just a while longer before it tells you to swallow, deeply, sensually, right into your stomach where it can bubble into your stomach acids and fill you up in all of its glory.

    Too bad I am a vegetarian now.

    Not like it matters, because Gado Gado tastes much better anyway. *looks longingly and drools at food in the distance* No...I am steadfast by my principles. I understand we're all meant to be omnivores, and I understand I pay a slight price in health, possibly, though there's far more effective ways to bring down my life expectancy if I wanted to. I think it's worth the slight sacrifice to make what feels, to me, to be the right decision. I care too much about animals to keep a clear conscience when eating meat. I make sure to supplement my diet to the best of my extent. I eat plenty of nuts and beans and such, and soy pretty much already packs half the nutrients you'd otherwise be missing.

    Of course, it's not a replacement to the real thing, which is why I don't really proselytise one way or the other, but if in vitro meat kicks off, that'd be pretty rad.

    Originally Posted by Fenneking View Post
    One thing that irritates me is when vegan/vegetarians berate omnivores, and conversely, when omnivores castigate vegetarian/vegans.
    And this is why I love you. :3
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